How healthy do you want to be 2 years before you die?

Dear Health-Conscious Friend,

If you were to visualise your last days, what would they be like?

Will you: 

Have you thought about how healthy you want to be:

1 year from now?

5 years from now?

You can live an EXTRA 40 Years and be on the road to celebrating a healthy, happy and vigorous 100th birthday! 


You don’t have to take my word for it. You’re about to see startling research. It comes from one of the greatest doctors in the world…

And there’s something else unique about this astonishing medical doctor.

His peers bestowed upon him the very first Linus Pauling Award for Lifetime Achievement in Natural Medicine...?

He isn't just respected by his peers, he's a hero. In many ways, he’s the reason we now have the life-giving gift called natural medicine.

He championed it against all odds, braving ridicule, hostility and even a band of armed thugs sent to trash his clinic. And because he fought so hard, now it really is possible to:

…With new breakthroughs that do much more, yet are as natural and non-invasive as SUGAR and MUSTARD.

Incredible as it sounds, it’s really happening – because Dr Wright’s brilliant mind is constantly pushing the envelope:

Hard to believe? Check out the proof in this special report. As you’ll learn, Dr Wright’s famed ‘food and vitamin treatments’ have been carefully tested in many different studies. They’re already reaping fantastic results for tens of thousands of patients...

Now, Dr Wright has combined all his astonishing health secrets into one epoch-setting book: Dr Wright’s Encyclopaedia of Health Secrets.

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With over 500 pages, this is simply the most lifesaving book ever published. Mind-boggling as it may sound, it could easily be your key to celebrating a healthy, happy and vigorous 100th birthday... 
And in a moment, I’m going to tell you how to get and use every single secret in this book, RISK-FREE. Plus get a BONUS Volume FREE if you order in the next 5 days.
See for yourself exactly how it’s now possible for you to extend your life 10,20, even 40 extra years or MORE.
Drastically reduce your risk of dying from skin cancer!
Each year, two million people in America alone are diagnosed with skin cancer. And many of them die unnecessarily because they don’t know about Dr Wright’s simple food and vitamin skin cancer prevention remedy.
That’s right, finally, you could toss your sunscreen and step out of the shadows to enjoy time in the sun and stay cancer free.  
Eliminate cancer with eggplant? 
And if you’ve been diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer, you must urgently learn the facts about this breakthrough eggplant treatment and cancer-killing wonder…
MORE THAN 80,000 PATIENTS over the past 24 years have reportedly used this extract to treat their skin cancer. Microscopic analysis consistently shows death of all cancer cells.
What’s the catch? There isn’t one. In fact, you’ll be stunned by how simple this state-of-the-science programme is.
Add decades to your life and make them far more pleasant…
Discover Dr Wright’s secrets for preventing or treating cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, asthma and dozens of other life-threatening or chronically painful conditions.
The results are all being published in one blockbuster, lifesaving volume – and we’re inviting you to try the book, RISK-FREE for 90 days.
 Cut your health care costs in half?
A few years ago, a major corporate study on a large group of people proved that...
Just one breakthrough used by Dr Wright cut all their long-term health problems by more than 50%...
Just one! That’s how incredibly powerful Dr Wright’s “new medicine” is.
That’s why he’s such a legend among so many doctors and patients.
And that’s why I urge you to seize upon his new approach to healing today...
Stop treating your pain only to see it come bouncing back...
Start eliminating the cause and feel your entire body bounce back, often faster than you ever dared imagine!
It all starts as soon as you claim your 500-page Dr Wright’s Encyclopaedia of Health Secrets... 
And if just one of his discoveries can slice your health problems in half, imagine what they all could do for you.

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Your RISK-FREE copy of Dr Wright’s Encyclopaedia of Health Secrets will also brief you on other new cancer discoveries that could save tens of thousands of lives every year, if people only knew about them.


Today, many men over 60 have more OESTROGEN in their bloodstream
than a 60-year-old WOMAN!

Now, it’s natural for men to have a little oestrogen in their bodies, just as healthy women need a little testosterone.

But too much oestrogen isn’t just bad for a man, it’s catastrophic.

Suddenly, it all makes sense: Prostate cancer and benign prostate swelling and so-called “male menopause”... Is it any wonder the prostates of so many men are swelling and growing tumours?

But there’s no need to put up with this plague for even one more day.

Dr Wright has been leading the charge in male hormone research for many years, and in your RISK-FREE 500-page Dr Wright’s Encyclopaedia of Health Secrets he’ll show you a safe and simple way to defeat this secret enemy...

How Ron dropped his cholesterol 180 points... Without low-fat dieting or drugs!
Ron not only followed a strict low-fat diet for three years, but also tried every vitamin, mineral and herbal remedy you’ve ever heard of.
Yet his total cholesterol stubbornly stuck at a frightening 10 points… And his triglycerides (also strongly linked to heart attacks) measured staggeringly high 700!
But Dr Wright helped Ron cut his cholesterol count all the way down to six points, lop an amazing 540 points off his triglyceride count – and even lose 36 kilos! HOW? All it took was one easy test that your own doctor can perform, followed by a surprisingly simple change in Ron’s eating habits. (Not less fat, but more!) Full details in your RISK-FREE 500-page encyclopaedia of Dr Wright’s Encyclopaedia of Health Secrets.
Right now, make yourself less likely to die of a HEART ATTACK
Yes, HEART DISEASE is the No. 1 killer today. But what if I told you that you could reduce the risk of death by heart attack?
John’s arteries were so blocked, he could barely hobble across a room! He said “I’m just waiting around for things to get bad enough so I can have my legs amputated.” Yet thanks to Dr Wright, he was walking “at least 3kms, three times every week, without sitting down once!”
Fred couldn’t get his BP below 170/110, even after cutting out salt, caffeine and alcohol! He wasn’t even 50, but his blood pressure drugs were making him feel like an old man. Yet Fred soon dropped his blood pressure to normal, threw out his drugs and Dr Wright will show you how you could do the same!
Jay’s angina vanished in just ten days. His pain was so intense, that his doctor was urging bypass surgery, but Dr Wright’s natural solutions cleared it up in just over a week!
Mrs Livingston’s lungs were filled with fluid and she couldn’t even sleep without being propped up. But Dr Wright soon helped her into sleeping like a baby and feeling so strong, she even started gardening again! 
  • Natural Medicine’s LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is just the latest in a long list of honours bestowed upon Dr Jonathan V. Wright by forward thinking fellow doctors.
  • He’s President Emeritus of the National Health Federation and has served on the Board of Directors of Bastyr University, The Life Extension Foundation, the American Preventive Medical Association and other important institutions. And lately he’s been appointed Trustee of Harbour View Hospital in Seattle – the only “level 1” trauma centre in the American northwest states of Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.
  • He has degrees from Harvard University (cum laude) and the University of Michigan, but unlike some “gurus” he doesn’t like or need to trumpet his academic credentials...
  • His medical breakthroughs speak for themselves. He’s the doctor who introduced bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for women.
  • And he developed the first successful treatment to reverse macular degeneration...
  • He introduced us to the entire concept of natural medicine with articles in “Let’s Live”... And introduced doctors to it in his best-selling Book of Nutritional Therapy and Guide to Healing with Nutrition, as well as other classics in the field...
  • More than 3,000 doctors, nurses and other health professionals have attended the famous seminars taught by Dr Wright and his colleague, Dr Alan Gaby acclaimed as the #1 educational resource for physicians who want to learn nutritional medicine...
  • Yet for Dr Wright, all the above is secondary to his family medical practise. At his world- acclaimed Tahoma Clinic, he’s received over 35,000 patient visits, from people who have come from as far away as Brazil, France, Japan and Thailand.
  • Reply now to claim your Risk-Free 500-page Dr Wright’s Encyclopaedia of Health Secrets...

Claim Dr Wright's Encyclopaedia of Health Secrets now

“MUSTARD WONDER” battles female cancers

You knew vegetables can stave off cancer, but eliminate it?

SUDDENLY, A DOOR JUST OPENED into a brand new world where wonderful things are possible even for cancer patients.

This stuff is so harmless, you could (and probably should) take some every day just to be on the safe side. Yet it’s so powerful.

Nearly half the women who ate the extract became TOTALLY CANCER-FREE

The results shocked nearly every researcher who saw them, except Dr Wright.

He had already been advising his patients to devour these veggies with gusto. They’re commonly called the mustard family – mustard, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, cabbage and Brussels sprouts all belong to the club.

They contain lots of good stuff, but their best secret is THE MOLECULE I3C

And ending cervical cancer is just the start of what I3C could do for us.

It may also prove to be...

A long-sought key to combatting:

You’ll find full details on how to check your own oestrogen balance in your RISK-FREE copy of Dr Wright’s Encyclopaedia of Health Secrets, so please do take the opportunity to send for it now.


Claim Dr Wright's Encyclopaedia of Health Secrets now

EMPHYSEMA strangled Erwin until his face was a dull, mottled blue...
But Dr Wright simply asked him to inhale a common nutrient, and Erwin was a new man. “The lung doctor can hardly believe how well I’m doing,” says Erwin. “He’s going to use [your treatment] for all his other patients.” (Shouldn’t your doctor already be using this treatment?)
JOINT PAIN & DEPRESSION made George a shell of his former self... 
But Dr Wright detected the shockingly simple cause behind both. “George’s sense of humour is back, he’s smiling and the kids and grandkids are amazed,” reports his wife. “His knees don’t hurt any more either, and he’s almost as fun and funny as when we were first married, even though his jokes aren’t any better!”  

“My old energy’s back, I’ve been chomping at the bit to do everything I’ve not been able to do!” ~ Kathy.


“It’s unbelievably less. I feel better all over, as well as being less anxious.” ~ Victor.

Breast pain and cysts since she was a teenager... RELIEVED IN JUST 10 MINUTES....
Jenny had painful cysts in her breasts since she was 17. They hurt so much; she said “I can’t even sleep on my chest between periods. And if my husband even touches my breasts…Well, it makes sex awfully tricky.”
Dr Wright found she had dozens of lumps in each breast, and swelling around the lumps. He knew it was caused by a deficiency – and gave her just two common minerals.
Ten minutes after taking them, she could hardly believe the difference. “I’m better! I don’t hurt as much and I think the swelling is less, I think even the lumpy areas are smaller.”
Seven months later, she was even happier. “I haven’t had any pain in two months now! All those lumps are a lot smaller and I think some of them are gone. I feel generally better all over!”
Full details about the treatment that healed her in your RISK-FREE Dr Wright’s Encyclopaedia of Health Secrets.


“I not only have more energy, but I’ve noticed that most of my joint aches are gone. I’m seeing a little more clearly and I’ll swear my memory is a little better.” ~ Grace.


School authorities wanted to put little Jeremy B. on Ritalin. But Jeremy’s treatment required no drugs at all. Later his teacher said, “ [he’s] not hyperactive at all, just normal and bright.” Find out what he did!

Dr Wright's three-minute migraine remedy...

“I still can’t believe it,” says Dr Wright’s young patient. “Three minutes… I felt warm and the pain started to fade.” Five minutes more and the headache was gone.

Her secret was one cheap mineral and a common vitamin. Dr Wright reports the same combination can even relieve menstrual cramps and back muscle spasms. Let him show you how to work this quick remedy and prevent any migraines from coming back, in your RISK-FREE 500-page Dr Wright’s Encyclopaedia of Health Secrets.

STUNNING "STOMACH TREATMENT" could restore lost vision, reverse memory loss and end countless other symptoms of ageing, too

HOLD A NICKEL IN FRONT OF EACH EYE. Don’t move your head. Then try to read... That's what the world looked like to Sam when he first visited Dr Wright. His macular degeneration had gotten so bad, he didn’t even feel safe driving his car anymore.

“My eye doctor says that since the vitamin and mineral pills he gave me don’t make any difference, there’s nothing left to do,” Sam worried. “I can’t face going blind.” But it took just 30 days for Sam to reverse his vision loss...

HIS EYES WERE BETTER IN A MONTH and eight years later he’s still doing great HOW? What on earth did Dr Wright do that never even occurred to Sam’s eye specialist?

Something incredibly strange-sounding. He checked the acid levels in Sam’s stomach. WHY? Because, years ago, Dr Wright made a revolutionary discovery...

Nearly half of all people over 60 lack the stomach acid to digest their food fully, let alone absorb vitamin pills

That’s right. Drug companies have cast your stomach acid as a villain, but it’s the very foundation of good nutrition. Bear in mind that a healthy stomach needs enough acid to reduce all the solids you eat to soup...

Otherwise your gut simply can't handle what's passing through. You may as well be throwing your veggies and vitamins in the trash...

And this is why so many people are growing misty-eyed, forgetful and creaky before their time. In fact, as you’ll see in your RISK-FREE 500-page Dr Wright's Encyclopaedia of Health Secrets, there’s hardly any “disease of ageing” that can’t be helped to a surprising extent by correcting this simple problem.


This ancient Chinese herbal therapy could make more than half of all fibroid surgeries unnecessary. In an open study, it improved the fibroids for 60% of premenopausal women. Sure beats the knife!


Scientists have known for decades that nearly 80% asthmatic children share one glaring nutritional problem. By no coincidence, Dr Wright has found that he can relieve wheezing in 80% of asthmatic kids through the use of ONE vitamin. Let him show you how.


Don’t just suffer and blame your heredity. You’re probably just not getting enough of a very important food! Lack of it creates extra pressure inside your intestines, and this swells the veins in your legs. The remedy is so easy.

Why 99% of gallbladder surgery is POINTLESS SUFFERING
Many of us unknowingly have gallstones without ever suffering any pain...
99% of gallbladder patients aren’t suffering pain from their gallstones either...
Yes, their gallbladders hurt like crazy, but it’s caused by food sensitivity.
Let Dr Wright show you how he eliminates gallbladder pain with a 99% success rate... In just 3 to five days. Without surgery. Without even asking you to give up fatty foods.

Claim Dr Wright's Encyclopaedia of Health Secrets now


Often bursitis is simply a signal that you’re deficient in good old vitamin B12Supplement correctly and all the aching can go away. But you must take a form that your body can handle. Let Dr Wright tell you what works best.


Woodrow D. tried steroid creams, “tar” preparations, prednisone, you name it. Nothing worked for long until he tried the simple solution suggested by Dr Wright. Now he’s got normal skin (and a new girlfriend). If you’re suffering, you’ve got to try it too.


…And you’ll see secret clues all over your body. They’re your keys to wiping out ailments that puzzled you for years! Varicose veins... Broken fingernails... “skin tags” on your neck or under your arms... Forehead wrinkles... Rosy cheeks... They could be just the “tip of the iceberg” for hidden problems that foreshadow crippling arthritis, diabetes, premature ageing and more. Your remedy could be as simple as one or two vitamins and minerals! Learn this secret language...

THE “HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY” prescribed by most doctors does not replace your natural hormone balance. But you’ve got a natural alternative that’s more effective. Maybe you’ve heard of natural hormone therapy, but did you know Dr Wright introduced it? Thousands of his patients have been using it safely for over 20 years. Let him tell you the little?known facts that every woman needs to know about the real thing...

INSTEAD OF JUST HALTING BONE LOSS, wouldn’t it be great to increase your bone density? Now it’s possible, even if you’re well past age 60. And this is just one benefit of  Dr Wright’s natural hormone therapy.

IF YOU THINK FIBROIDS ARE PAINFUL, wait until you try surgery! But Dr Wright has a natural solution that can save you from the scalpel. In an open study, this herbal formula improved fibroids for well over half of all pre-menopausal women.

THE LONGEVITY HORMONE. Your adrenal glands produce a multitude of hormones. This is one of the most abundant, but your doctor probably hasn’t even mentioned it! After age 30, our production of this vital hormone can plummet. Low levels are found in women and men with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, type II diabetes, and a whole range of cancers. Everyone over age 60 should be sure she’s making enough of it. How to get tested and get the therapy...

LEARN ABOUT DOZENS MORE NUTRITIONAL WONDERS including enzymes used to heal cuts and bruises faster... The vitamin “cocktail” Dr Wright uses to erase chronic pain in 30 seconds... The painless nutritional programme that could make 99% of gallbladder surgery unnecessary... and a whole lot more.

All these life-giving discoveries and hundreds more, RISK-FREE. An unbeatable, money-saving deal...

Get this amazing 500-page encyclopaedia, compiled by the doctor honoured with The Linus Pauling Award for Natural Medicine for just R499.95. 

Everything’s reported in crystal clear language, telling you exactly how to go out and do it. So if your doctor ever questions any remedy you read, you just whip out your encyclopaedia and produce the proof. Any truly objective doctor can’t help being impressed with the quality of Dr Wright’s research.
And, remember, these are the treatments Dr Wright uses on his own patients day after day.


If for any reason, you’re not satisfied with Dr Wright’s 500-page encyclopaedia of Dr Wright’s Encyclopaedia of Health Secrets, just return it within the first 90 days and we’ll refund you your purchase price.

Order your risk-free 500-page encyclopaedia here today…

Claim Dr Wright's Encyclopaedia of Health Secrets now

Kind regards,

Shimanga Mubitana

P.S. Reply within five days, and I’ll rush you an extra free bonus volume from Dr Wright entitled, Essential Health SecretsRead all about the wonder mineral that’s clearing up everything from acne to arteriosclerosis... And so much more!

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